Friday, October 31, 2008

Center for the Performing Arts

I'm proud of my Mom. I'm proud of my Dad. But Thursday night was one of those nights where I had to concentrate to not blurt out, "I'm Cydney in Peter Scott's daughter!" to every person I met.

Years ago, my Dad became the president of the CPA, the Center for the Performing Arts, an organization whose goal it is to build a decent performing arts center for the high school and the community. At my high school, our smaller theater productions were performed in a lecture hall, where there were "butt-pinching seats" as my Dad described them.

I remember being concerned when Dad told me he was becoming president. It would be stressful, I knew, and my Dad never walks away from something until it's done and done right. He said, though, that he would stay on for six months and then pass on the presidency to someone else. Years later, my dad is still an active member of the group.

First, it was going to be a separate building. Dad would go and pitch the project to people in an effort to get donations...preferably large ones. Maybe ones big enough to have the Center named after the donor?

It's been a struggle. Money promised to the group through grants from the government have fallen through. Not just with this group, but with most community organizations who were relying on grants.

The Center is now being built out of the lecture hall where the butt-pinching seats were at the high school.

But with the lack of funds, there will be a lack of completion.

There was a small opening for the Center on Thursday. An effort to show people what's happening there, the progress which has been made, and how they can help to complete it. A $250 donation buys you a seat. The purchaser of the new cushy, fire engine red non-butt-pinching theater seat will not literally go home with said seat. After all, it's meant to be bolted to the floor. But, it does buy you a shiny plaque with your name on it, or the name of you kids, or you dog, or whatever, and the pride of knowing you helped this project come to completion.

To help out, go here!

Testing the sample seat (which is not the color they will ultimately be)

The handicap accessible technical box.

Dad shows off the black ceilings in the theater.

Part of the evening's entertainment.

How the place looks currently. The chairs don't stay (they were there for the event), and there will be risers there. Eventually. If you buy a chair, it may be sooner!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Best Pilot Ever

My Dad sent this to me. He received it from a friend...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Eye Hate Surgery

Oliver is a bit better today. He's doing far less whimpering, so I'm hoping that means he's in much less pain. I was putting the NeoPolyBac in his eye a little while ago, it helps prevent infection, and while his eye doesn't look like it's infected or anything, only one side of it will open. He does have a stitch in his upper eyelid. I think all the goop made his eyelid stick together. At least, that's what I'm hoping because if the vet sewed his eye shut, we're going to have some words when we go back for the check-up on Monday.

The recovery room

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Refractory Ulcer and Being Sauced

Today was an early day. I woke and dressed quickly and headed out the door with Oliver to take him to the vet for his minor surgery to repair his refractory ulcer and remove the little cyst on his eyelid which the vet suspected was causing the ulcer.

When I picked him up a few hours later, he was a bit sauced. He also has a swollen eyelid which makes him look a bit Stallone a la Rocky Balboa. I put him in the back seat and he moved himself to the front seat. Once he got to the front seat, he wouldn't lie down. So, he sat up in the front seat, swaying slightly like a drunken sailor. He seemed to be falling asleep sitting up, but I couldn't be sure of it.

When I got him home he hopped out of the car to go relieve himself. Squatting was tricky. I could tell he didn't really have the balance for it. Still, he did his thing and followed me up the side stairs to the side door. At the door he decided he hadn't quite finished over in the grass and thought that maybe this door mat was as good a place as any. After that was all done and I cleaned-up after him, he went straight up into my room where he would cry when I left the room. I spent a bit of time watching Serenity on TV with him on my bed, kind of whimpering next to me.

He's better now, but still, as I am sitting here in the living room, he is at my feet simpering a bit as he breathes out. The doctors did say it was painful, so I'm sure he's uncomfortable. The e-collar doesn't help, either.
Here's some video from the drive home.

Sauced After Surgery from Cydney Scott on Vimeo.

Monday, October 27, 2008


My, my, my, aren't I a busy girl!?

Yesterday, I spent hours photographing some of Jodi, my sister-in-law's, graphic design samples. Fun, but hard work. We're trading - I shoot some of her stuff, she designs me a business card. It was fun hanging out with them (my brother was there to) and I brought Oliver along. I'm feeling a bit clingy with him these days considering his upcoming surgery.

Then I went to the home of a family friend to do some family portraits. I did get some of JL with his bunny, who he is apparently obsessed with, but since the grown kids were having car issues and running late and such, we are going to finish the shoot another time.

I have designed promotional postcards. I would be a lot more excited about them if it weren't taking the printing company so long to get them to me. I am hoping to get some people who want Christmas photos done, but I'm not sure. It's getting a bit late. I've also designed a flier for the doggy boutique on Albion Street here in town. Oh, and I'm going to run an ad in The Boston Parents Paper online in November. Check back in November and maybe you'll see my button link on the right-hand side!

I went to the Halloween party at Amanda and Kevin's and that was really fun. Good to get out. I find that I get to a point where I have to force myself to sit and watch a movie instead of do work brainstorming and internet surfing for ideas. A few nights ago, I spooned with Oliver while watching Cinderella in my room. (Like I said - I'm a bit clingy with him these days) I went to the party as a pregnant Gloucester High student. Tacky, I know. But fun, just the same. I mean, what has happened to our culture that something like that happens!?

The latest excitement is that during a much-needed video chat with SOS last night, I learned that she would go taking a train from her new home in Springfield IL to Chicago on November 4 for the election party for Obama.
And...drum-roll, please... I bought a ticket! I'm very excited about this. I know, it's money and whatnot, but, if things go the way I and many others hope they do, it will be a historic event to be a part of. Pictures to follow!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Thanks, CJ

My brother sent me this. Even though it's not real, I still felt a bit of puke come up into my mouth.I'd like to take this opportunity to point out that I sent in my absentee ballot, like, weeks ago people.

Strange Days

I've been a busy bee. Trying to get gear, figuring out marketing for my photography. I designed some promotional postcards and I'm actually really excited about them! My hope is that I can get a bit of portrait clients who wants some pics for the holidays. I'm also advertising in The Boston Parents Paper online.

Today, Pictage was having a deal for a six month membership, so I jumped on it. This will allow me to shoot, then send my clients to the site to order prints.

This afternoon I went to the local doggie boutique to ask if I could get her help with promotion in return for a commission. She's thinking about it.

It's interesting. Stressful, but kind of exciting. Just to see what might happen. Once I finally get my belt pack (the craziness with the previously blogged about camera company has been a real mess), I'm hoping to hit the pavement in search of freelance with local newspapers and magazines. And I'm gettign a hold of area video production companies in hope that they may need a freelancer.

And I just learned something interesting...The Palm Beach Post actually hired a new photographer after the most recent one quit! I don't know why but I feel insulted. I didn't have bitter feelings until just now.

In other news, Oliver is surgery-bound on Tuesday. I took him to the vet for an eye thing last week. The vet said she couldn't see any damage to his eye, but I knew - it's that refractory ulcer again that he got last year. I took him to a specialist a few days ago and sure enough they found an ulcer under his third eyelid, and some small growth on his upper eyelid which may have contributed to the ulcer in the first place.

So, I will be taking him in on tuesday, the poor little guy.
The eye's not lookin' good.

Oliver enjoyed the foliage on Scott's End a few week-ends ago.

The grasses growing out in front of the house.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Playing with the New Camera

What part of "Not your turn yet" is unclear to you?

Good grief.

(*sigh*) Cheese.


Monday, October 20, 2008

This Just In

Today was a day. That's all. I had crafty things I wanted to get done and a Halloween costume to prepare for the week-end party I'm heading too. I meant to get a hold of Geico to change car stuff, but that didn't happen. I got the ball rolling with in an effort to get an ad on their site. Did I mention I'm sewing all-natural diapers made form hemp? Just's for shooting, obviously. heard the call and I received my first camera today. I played with it a bit, and am quite pleased. It feels good to have one in my hands again.

This past week-end, I went with my parents and friends Meg and Aaron, along with their daughter, Stella, to Scott's End. It was beautiful but chilly. Dad and I babysat while M and A headed off to the auction. Stella is such a chamring little baby. And such a good one! She's just content to be. I did get the opportunity to take some pictures of my friends though, which was great. They hired me to photograph them a little while ago and it's taken a bit to get together finally. Mom's camera was sufficient for the job, but now I have my back-up Canon and will be using it!


Here's some pics...This is the first one with the new camera! Oliver's not feeling well. That's the other thing on the to-do list. He is eye specialist-bound this week. I think we're dealing with another refractory ulcer, poor thing.

Some family pics.

Friday, October 17, 2008

And It's Only 11:30 in the Morning

I am sitting at my computer in my "office", also known as the dining room. Mom is telling her friend Kate that the mouse turds they've just found are surely only a month old. They are clearing out the pantry so the window installers can get in there and, well, install windows. The window installers are in Mom's studio at the moment, putting new windows in there.

This morning, I bobbled in and out of sleep, being woken up every few moments by the stench of skunk. Somehow, the smell got stronger when I was asleep. We have a skunk living in our carriage house. And a possum, and a raccoon and some cats.

I joined my parents and Kate in the kitchen and we chatted about the skunk smell. A few days ago, we heard an owl hooting and what we were pretty sure was our bunny (did I mention we have a bunny living around the house somewhere?), crying because the owl had caught him. We wondered if the owl caught the skunk last night.

I looked out in the backyard and saw the skunk. A massive, size-of-a-cocker spaniel skunk, bobbling around the back yard. It almost had music to it as it swaggered. Back and forth, across the backyard between our house and our friends' the Walls'. I watched for a while and realized there was a second one! This one, not looking too good, was on the path between the two homes. The other skunk nudged the sick one.

Dad called the dog officer (apparently animal control is always on vacation). He would be over as soon as his doctor's appointment was over. So the four of us crowded on the back stoop and watched these two skunks, scrambling only a bit when the healthy one appeared to be headed our way.

There was a knock at the door and standing there were two guys - the window installers. At first we thought they were here to deal with the animals. But, no, they were here to deal with the windows that they woulnd't be able to get to because Mom's studio has lots of stuff in it. Dad scrambled to clear the space for them. Meanwhile, I'm taking pictures of sick skunk and healthy skunk, while healthy skunk tried to move sick skunk and sick skunk lay there dying.

After eating a quick lunch, the dog officer showed up and picked-up the now dead skunk. The healthy one is fine, he said.

So, Dad headed off to an appointment and Mom and Kate started on the back pantry and I hauled Oliver to the second floor tub for a much needed bath. His eye is having problems again and we are vet-bound this afternoon. I washed his whole body before I got to his head...which were covered with ticks! I immediately hollered for my daddy. Who was gone. So, I removed about five from his head, a few leaving some bloody spots. Poor thing.

Last week-end, when I went to the wedding, my parents took the dogs to the cape. Before they left, I mentioned to them that I had just given Oliver flea and tick treatment. I guess I should have made a bigger deal out of it because the pups were so excited that they went straight into the ocean the minute they arrived. Then, they picked-up lots of ticks.

I let the water out for the tub to focus on the tick situation. It was then that Mom hollered up...the water from the tub was causing a flood in the butler's pantry. I finished bathing Oliver elsewhere then went to Bootsie, who was staying in dad's office on the second floor, to keep her protected from all the other chaos of the morning.

I took her out to the side yard but she was too freaked out to do anything because of the tools the window installers had there. Meanwhile, the guys doing the windows are laughing because they've never seen bigger windows. Ever. One up stood in the empty frame of the window, holding up the huge counter-weight he'd just removed and held it up like a fish while the other took his picture.

I tried taking Bootsie to the backyard, but then I was so paranoid about healthy skunk coming back that I lurked around like the KGB was after me. Bootsie was disinterested in doing anything in the backyard, either.

Sta tuned...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thanks, Canon

To understand this entry, you have to read the one before it....

Dear Cydney Scott:

Thank you for your interest in the 50D. We value you as a Canon
customer and appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

We are selling the camera both as a kit and as a body only. Perhaps
Adorama simply meant that they do not have the 50D, sold as a body only,
in stock. Doing some quick checking online I found that,
another one of our authorized dealer, does have the 50D, sold as the
body only, in stock. Other dealers may also have it, so it may be
helpful to check with different dealers that you trust.

I hope that helps, but please let us know if we can be of any further
assistance with your Canon equipment.

Thank you for choosing Canon.


Technical Support Representative

Special Note: Certain issues are very difficult to resolve via e-mail.
If your question remains unanswered after you have received this e-mail,
the direct assistance of a Canon telephone support representative may be

If you prefer to continue to communicate via email, reply to this
message and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Dear Nick,
Apparently it was Adorama I should have been scolding. I bought my camera on Amazon and sent an email to Adorama telling them to cancel my order for the 50D with them, because I found it somewhere else and I think they are a-hole doo doo heads for handing me that "If you wan to get it I guess you have to get it in a kit" crap.

You are dreamy. Weeeeeeeee!


(OK, I didn't really send that. But, I wanted to).


Dear Canon,

If you are trying to win my heart as a professional shooter with your new gear you are failing me.

I have been a photojournalist for ten years. My newspaper, located in Florida, underwent major downsizing and I am now in MA living with family.

My newspaper owned all of my camera gear so now have none. I was excited to hear about your newest camera bodies, and pre-purchase a 50D and one of the new Mark IIs.

I understood when I ordered them that these bodies would not be available until October and November, respectively, but when I called Adorama to inquire about the status of my cameras, they informed me that you, Canon, have only released the 50D as part of a kit. So, if I want your camera soon - correction - if I NEED your camera soon, I have to buy your kit. This kit no doubt includes a lens with mediocre glass, a camera bag for amateurs and other stuff a photojournalist is not in need of.

The economy sucks right now, and the source of much or your sales, photojournalists, are experiencing debilitating changes within our field.

I know you're a big company and all and I'm one person so what does it really matter. But it matters to me. I cannot attempt to find work without camera gear! When I was told from many sources that my 50D (which is to be my back-up camera) would be available in October, I expect to have a camera body in October! And after you disappointed so many with your unreliable Canon Mark IIIs, I'd think you'd be working a bit harder for you clients.

May I ask when you plan to allow your camera bodies (alone) to grace me with their presence? 'Cause I'd really like to get back to work.

Cydney Scott
Freelance Photojournalist

I forgot to mention that the guy at Adorama told me it could be months before my camera body alone would be available.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Naomi and Jeff's wedding was great! The weather was perfect for their outdoor ceremony under the chuppah, and the reception was very elegant but not stuffy. I hope that she had as nice a time as the rest of us seemed too.

With a five hour drive following the wedding, I snuck-off to change into jeans before hitting the road towards the end of the reception. My car was taken by valet and I was about a half hour away when I realized that my radio wasn't working and was claiming it needed a code to start back up again. Annoyed, I called the reception hall to ask if any of the valets knew what they'd done. They returned my call a little while later to tell me they'd left my headlights on and they needed to jump-start my car. The radio disconnected as a theft defense.

So, for five hours and nothing to do but think, I planned my whole wedding. It's going to be great! (I wonder how man people we can get into Scott's End?, that sounds dirty).

Now back home, I am trying to think of ways to promote my work. Fliers? Ads? All of the above. I emailed a friend who's a teacher and asked if she thought her school would let me come and take candid shots in her classroom. I really miss just being a fly on the wall while producing something nice at the same time.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Skanky Hotel

Today was a busy day. I woke early. Earlier than I planned, with a chill. Rather than get up and get another blanket and fall back to sleep for a little while, I tossed and turned and grumbled, annoyed.
My parents are at Scott's End this week-end with my hairy four-legged son and my nudgy four legged spaz of a sister. I am enjoying having the house all to myself, I admit.

I also admit that I lock the doors at night and am creeped out by noises coming from various locations in the queen Victorian. There are seventeen rooms in which the serial killer can hide, people.

Last night, I felt very brave for venturing out in hopes of making new friends (not that I need more or not to imply my friends are not suitable) and maybe even a dreamy guy. I went to an event set up by, this website which is essentially a social bulletin board. You can see what's going on and go join the folks participating. I went with the "Social Fun" group. I'd like it, actually if it were called the "Social Unfun" group. That would just be funny.

Wandering the corn maze at Connor Farm was great fun, and I chatted with some nice people. It felt good to get out. There were multiple Meetup groups there, actually, and when I chatted at the entrance with four people and asked "What group are you with?" I didn't think it through when I responded, "Cool! not. Sorry" after they told me they were from "Under Thirty and Divorced."

Fortunately, they seemed to get a chuckle at my stupid floundering.

This morning, I went to the airport to pick up my friend Ellen who is visiting friends in western MA for her annual fall trip to New England. I had to leave for a wedding in New Jersey today, so I got her at the airport and we went for a very nice time and lunch at Fanuel Hall before I dropped her at the train station.

My drive to NJ for Naomi's wedding was long, but not bad. What is bad is the skanky hotel I got myself in hopes of some money. Save money is right. Lesson learned - this place is a hole. I don't know if it's the tape holding the broken remote control together or the soap scum on the tub or the way the water gurgles and spits before spewing out of the faucet, but this is the kind of place where you don't want to touch anything with any exposed skin. When I returned from the rehearsal dinner, I took my sandals off and put them straight into socks. Socks which I may burn when I get home.

The rehearsal dinner was very nice and my dear friend seems very happy. I am happy for her and I'm looking forward to seeing the ceremony tomorrow.

Photo Site

My photo site is up! I'm excited. I've been anal retentive about it for a while now and once the banner is designed, I think it will be just as I like it. Until then, here's what it looks like!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Apple Picking

Lilly picks a good one.

Few things saw New England autumn like apple picking. I got a call yesterday from my friend Jen, who invited me along with her sister, also my friend, Maureen (you know, the one who just got married?) and Jen's kids to go apple picking yesterday afternoon.

It was so much fun! We went to Tougas Farm in Peabody, MA. If you've ever been to Peabody, you'd never know there was room for an apple farm! So, we picked some apples, fed the pigs and chickens, visited with the llamas and sheep. Inside the farm's shop, which is a large barn, there was the smell of freshly made donuts, and there were fresh vegetables of all kinds, Cinnamon monkey bread and chicken pot pies.
I'm really enjoying being home. Aside from chilling out with my parents and relaxing at home, it's been great to see friends who live in the area. Not to mention the cool dry air and the changing leaves!
I loved the sheep's eye.

Jen helps Owen pick a good one.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Indian Wedding in Florida

CLICK HERE to see Uma's work!

Running for Class President

I received my absentee ballot in the mail today. I voted immediately and sent it off even faster. I voted in Florida because it was my understanding that if I registered here, I would not have registered in time to vote in MA in this election. Thumbs down. So, now that that's done, I'll be getting my MA license and register and whatnot this week.

This morning, I was watching the news with my Dad while eating my yummy heated chocolate chip muffin from Costco (mmmmmmm). CNN was showing a section of Palin's rally in Clearwater, Florida, and I nearly upchucked my yummy chocolate chip muffin. I doubt it would taste as good coming back up.

Palin was going on about how Obama's going to raise taxes and how that's not very American. She mentioned how she didn't do very well while being questioned by the "main stream media" (jeers from the crowd), and how she thought she was going to be talking about the issues, like taxes and the war, etc. (and not whether or not she has any idea what the current issues are aside from what her staff inform her about). I ask myself, do I read the newspaper everyday? Well, no, I'm ashamed to admit. But, I do listen to my NPR, watch the news on TV, surf the web for info, and most importantly, seek my consultant, Dad, when something don't make no sense to me. Then I remind myself that I'm not running for VP. As for Palin's excuse, I'm thinking that whether you're going to be interviewed about politics or how to make ice cream, you're still going to recall if you read the newspaper that day.

When she talks about how she and McCain are going to be a different government, how they aren't going to raise taxes, how they're going to represent the good America and all the ways it can be brought back into a positive light internationally, I can't help but feel like I'm listening to the pitch of a kid running for sixth grade class president. "If I'm chosen to be president, there will be free pizza for everyone and recess will be longer and there will be free soda machines in every hall!" It's like she had no idea how it works! And the sad part is, I think a lot of people across this country, cheering with her every statement have no idea how it works, either. "And if you choose me, there will be no more science classes, either!"


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mo's Married!

This week-end was very nice. My dear friend Maureen got married! It was a beautiful ceremony, held outdoors by a pond in Essex. There was a tent set-up near the pond where the reception was held. Saris draped over the doorways and laid across the tables. Beautiful flower arrangements were on each dining table, too. The cake was made by her sister, Jen, who is a pastry chef.

I grew-up with Maureen and Jen; our houses back to back. For years, our families have enjoyed holiday meals together.

After the ceremony and hours of dancing, there was a gathering around a small bonfire. It was so nice! I don't remember the last time I was near a bonfire!

CLICK HERE for their formal wedding photographers blog!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rachel's Visit

My friend Rachel has been visiting the great state of Massachusetts this week and it has been great fun. We both noted that considering we usually just hang around and making snide comments about whatever stupid thing we're watching at the time (like HERE, and HERE), and that this visit was different for us because we were so all over the place.

We went to Salem, checking out The Salem Witch Museum where there was a funky history lesson taught with creepily lit mannequins. We also went to Ye Olde Pepper Company candy shop. It claimed to be the oldest candy company in the country, but really, there was nothing terribly interesting about. As Rachel said, too, "I don't think this was the candy shop 50 Cent was talking about".

That same day, we went to Walden Pond. That was very cool, and we had great fun taking stupid pictures with the statue of Thoreau and the replica of his shack. And for the record, the pond is more like a great lake.

Yesterday we went into the city. Starting in Hahvahd Squeah, we wandered til it started raining. My brother met with us for lunch. My cousin Susan met us too. From there we went back on the subway to Boston Commons. We wandered and wandered, hoping to catch a glimpse (as if it runs and hides?) of Old North Church (One if by land, two if by sea). Instead, we found the Old South Church. Not the right one but pretty just the same.

We came home to Wakefield and chilled for a short while before going to see Miracle at St. Anna with Dad. The miracle was that we stayed awake through the spastic unfocused film. The story was great actually, but the movie? Not so much.

Today, we are at Scott's End. We arrived at the house around lunch and almost immediately left for fish and chips at The Lobster Trap. So good! The rest of the day was spent sitting around the house, reading and eating cookies, and jumping into the freezing ocean. Huh? Yes, while I sat at home reading a book in the sun, Rachel was down at the beach collecting shells. She walked out onto the dock and decided she simply had to jump in. Then, she realized how freezing it was and got out immediately.

Now, we are waiting for the vice presidential candidate debate this evening. Normally, there is no TV in the Cape, but we brought the one from the attic down for this broadcast alone.

Rachel chills with Thoreau.

Vote, dude.

I'm Sad for the State of Papers but...

The Trib's got the right idea.