Sunday, August 30, 2009

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Seems Familiar

I just wanted to share this photo. It's actually on my photo blog as well, but when I shot this last weekend, I was particularly tickled by it. This little one did calm down and I don't think there was any permanent damage done. But, it reminded me of myself. As a little girl, I abhorred dresses and anything girly. Give me a pair of shorts and my Big Wheels any day over a flower girl dress.

My Mom once told me she found me on the stairs during one of our holiday parties when I was about four, taking off my tights. She asked me what I was doing and I complained that they were itchy.

Awesome solution.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just fix it

My friend Amanda knew her son was fine, but just on the safe side, she sent her husband upstairs at Scott's End to check on their six month old. He was after all, in a strange place for his afternoon nap.
Amanda and her husband and very loving parents, and also, very even-keeled. So, hopefully, this exchange reads as hilariously as it was received when it was heard,

A - Could you go upstairs and just make sure he's not suffocating or something?
K - What do you want me to do if he is?
A - Don't tell me just fix it.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Word's Getting Around

On Saturday, I photographed the Auction winners of a photo shoot I donated to the local library's fund-raiser months ago. My brother CJ told me while on vacation that what a coincidence, his boss was the one who won the auction! Weird considering I'm in the burbs and CJ works in Harvard Square.

I guess CJ's boss was impressed with the shots (he gave his win to his sister to have her kids photographed) because he sent-out an office-wide email letting people know that I'm a decent shooter and by the way, the sister of CJS. Very nice. My brother called me somewhat excited, "Two people have already asked about you! One woman's getting married and someone else asked about 15th wedding anniversary photos".

So, I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be getting more work!
Here's one of my favorite's from that shoot. ..


I finally found frames that I like to offer my clients. I'm still on the search for an album to offer, though. Too many choices and not enough expendable cash.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Awesome Wheels

Dad ad I took the dogs for a walk through Breakheart reservation on Sunday. There was lots of foot traffic - people out enjoying the weather, heading to the lake for a swim or a picnic.
At one point as we were walking, a little girl decked-out in a huge pink helmet and shades was cruising towards us on her little big wheels. She was on a slight incline and jump off her bike. I thought the hill was too much for her and she was abandoning her bike for her dad to deal with. But, she was actually b-lining it to our dogs. She stepped a few yards from us, her little hands touching in front of her anxiously. She asked through her giant head and cool dude shades, "Can I pat your doggie?"

Dad told her she could and she approached Bootsie who wiggled in a mild panic at the approach of the alien. Oh, god, it's at eye level! It's at EYE LEVEL!

The little girl and Dad had a brief chat. Isn't she soft? Yes. Do you know why her name is Bootsie? No. And he pointed out Bootsie's feet, covered in white up to her elbows (or are they knees?).

Her curiosity quenched, she turned around and headed back to her bike. As she sat down on it, she asked us, "Do you like my bike?!"

"I do!" I told her, "It's a very nice bike!"

Then, she pushed a button on her little console and we heard "a la izquierda!" loud and clear in the voice of Dora the Explorer.

The little girl threw out her arms to either side of herself and proudly proclaimed, "It does EVERYTHING!" accentuating "everything" with one brisk pump of her jazz hands.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


I took lots of shots while on vacation last week in Martha's Vineyard (shots to follow) I spent a long time photographing the hummingbirds at the mimosa tree where we stayed.

I think I caught one in a private moment.