Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Now that the yard is completely fenced in, it seems like the best time for Harlow to discover her ability to jump on top of the carport and find her way out of the yard that way.


This is what I found then I opened a window shade a few weeks ago to figure out where she'd gone to when a preliminary out-the-window search came up empty....

I opened the window and hollered at her ferociously "YOU GET DOWN FROM THERE RIGHT NOW!"
She looked at me sort of proudly and wagged her tail.
"Right NOW, Harlow!"
She then seemed to realize I meant business and made her way off the carport.

This is a few days later after a now storm as viewed form an upstairs window.....

And this is my attempt to keep her from jumping up on it. At least my spring garden fences were made useful after the season!

Time will tell how effective they are.