Sunday, February 28, 2010


My friend Shannon posted this link on her Facebook page and I thought I'd share it...

Saturday, February 20, 2010


I am in Atlanta at the moment, eating entirely too much food and having a great time with my childhood friend, Rachel and her family, husband Sven and three daughter Arianna, 6, Victoria, 4, and Bella , 2-and-a-half.

Yesterday morning I sat at the computer acting very busy and important when Bella and Tori came up on either side of me. Spotting the shirtless man from the Old Spice ad in the side column on Facebook, Tori said, "He's not wearing a shirt." Then she thought a minute before adding, "Should we be looking at this?" I assured her that it was just an advertisement for soap.

Rachel and I got a day to ourselves yesterday and had a great time checking out the Atlanta Aquarium. Obviously, she's been there before with the kiddies, but she said she really liked going at our own pace.

Before arriving, Rachel had told me over the phone that she wanted to see a movie. "Preferably one with lots of swearing in it!".

At the Aquarium, there was a 3D movie showing - just a little documentary, we thought. So, we got tickets. This was not going to fulfill R-rated movie quota, but we decided to see it anyway. We sat down and realized, not only was it not R rated (obviously, it's the Aquarium), but it was cartoons. Singing cartoons. "Oh, shit" I heard Rachel mumble next to me. Fortunately, it was a short film!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Don't Go Just Yet!

My friend Rachel, who you can read about HERE, HERE, and HERE, has been in China teaching English to naughty children for the past year. Right now she's in the Colorado visiting family before her contract re-ups and she heads back for another six to twelve months of teaching the naughty children in China. I think she's nuts but to each her own. And to be more accurate, she's not in Colorado right now, but rather stuck in Chicago returning to Colorado after visiting her sister in Virginia. Nice timing, snow bunny.

I miss Rachel. She and I spent countless hours together in Florida; going to the movies, out to eat, hanging out at my place watching TV and providing our own hilarious (to us anyway) running commentary. She is what is known as A Great Deal of Fun.

When Rachel moved to China for her teaching stint, I decided to send her podcasts from me, telling her about things going on this side of the planet - my bad dates (which are now no more, thank you very much), my friends all having babies ("It must be something in the water! Sheesh!"), living at home and trying to get my business up and going. And of course, I give her updates on her boyfriend, Oliver.

Months and months ago, Rachel disappeared from contact. No emails, no blog entries. China had cut-off the Internet and, as it turns out, the outgoing mail too. So, when my phone rang a few weeks ago when I was in Target and I heard the sound of my long-lost friend's voice, I nearly burst into tears. In Target. While looking at batteries. She was in the States, finally, and the sound of her voice brought a joy I didn't expect.

Tonight I called her parents' house in CO to talk to her, "Hi, this is Cydney calling for Rachel!" I said in a sing-song asking kind of way.

It was met with a pause and a confused mumble-type sound. Then I realized I was talking to her mother, who's name is also Sydney. You can imagine now how hearing "This is Cydney calling for Rachel" when you yourself are Sydney and you rarely hear that name other than when someone is talking to you, would be confusing.

All I'm sayin' is I miss talking to my friend Rachel and I hope she gets home form Chicago soon so I can talk to her before leaving for that crazy China place to teach the naughty children in less than a week.

Xander's Birthday!

Photos from a little man's big day!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

GAP Baby

William, the son of a high school classmate of mine was crowned the GAP Baby for 2010. CHECK IT OUT. And there's mention of Wakefield's Lake Quannapowitt!

Fun Wedding Entrance

My friend, Debby sent me this link. I'd seen it before and I may have even posted it, but it is really fun, so I'm posting again. Debby added that she and her fiance Jarret would not be doing this on their big day in September!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Eventful Week

Oliver one week after surgery - before they took the stitch out.

It's been an eventful week or so for Oliver.

I learned last week that he had yet another eye ulcer. On Tuesday last week, we went in to have it repaired and spent the next week watching him and scolding him if he scratched at it. He does quite well with these as far as leaving them alone to heal.

We went to Maine this weekend for our yearly ski trip together and returned with no broken bones. I refused to give myself the opportunity to eff myself up in some way and spent my time sewing and baking and then going for a massage on Sunday with my sister-in-law Jodi and Mom. The massage was fantastic.

When I went into the room and the masseuse asked what she needed to work on or watch out for, I pointed at my shoulder, "If you would just avoid the end of my shoulder, which I broke here last year and which is still giving me trouble". She was awesome! 'Avoided the shoulder and gave a killer massage. In a good way. Her name was Candy if you're ever at Sugarloaf and trying to avoid using the place for what it's for - skiing.

Now back in MA, I went with Oliver today to the vet for his one week post-op appointment to learn that he has completely healed! Quite exciting! We returned home and I forced him into a modeling session for his new collar which he recently won with my help, and which we got in the mail last night.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Surprised Kitty

This is the kind of thing you find when you're bored and looking around on other people's facebook pages...

Monday, February 1, 2010

Put a Ring on It...When You Get Older

This is an email I recieved recently from a friend of mine (who got a mix CD from me for Xmas and has a baby, Alyssa, and a five year old, Maya)...

So I told you how we listen to your CD mix for our nightly dance parties, right? Well, I'm afraid the songs are seeping into Maya's brain. The other day she was helping me clean the bathroom sink and started singing "If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it..." Seriously! Let's hope she doesn't burst out into songs about "disco sticks" at school!