Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bootsie's a Happy Girl

Many who have met my parents' dog, Bootsie would not find her to be a well-adjusted creature. Around her family she is comfortable and joyous, but bring a stranger into the mix and she becomes a basket case. Since a person has to spend time with her many many times before she no longer considers them a stranger and will sit at their feet and look into their eyes at the same time (how brave!), I thought I would share this video. Just so "others" can see how cute she is.

Considering she has recently developed a fear of cameras, I was excited when she didn't notice me wielding mine during this playtime with Dad.

013110 happy bootsie from Cydney Scott on Vimeo.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Grid Keratotomy

Poor Oliver, headed for another Grid Keratotomy to fix his corneal ulcer. Right now I'm trying to do research on the cost of the procedure, because I'm pretty sure the place I'm taking to him now is price gouging or something. $900? You're nuts!

I took this of him just this morning. I heard him clamouring to get into the laundry basket at about 5:30. He's never done this before. Very funny little man!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Images from Haiti by the ever-exceptional Lannis Waters who was a colleague of mine at The Post.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Oliver's A Winner!

How funny. I looked into entering Oliver into a pet photo contest a few months back. Some of them resulted in cash awards which is really what I was going for.

Today I recieved an email from, "As you know, you photo was a winner in our December 2009 photo contest - congratulations!"
Then it goes on talking about how they had a system failure and need me to respond so they can get my info to the sponsor so I can get my prize for Oliver - "a bling personalized collar".

I had no idea he'd won, so I emailed back, yadda yadda.

Too funny! My dog is definitely not a bling type of pup, but still, I'm very excited about it.

Here's the winning pic!

Day Caper

Since I try to avoid posting when it basically translates into whining, I have not been posting much lately. Not that life is terrible, because it certainly isn't. I have two legs. They are handy and that's good.

I was talking with a close friend of mine recently, who's family lives on the same block as mine and we were lamenting about the condition of our families; broken ankles, kidney stones, colds, ear infections, seizure disorders; it just seems to be all around us. And now, Oliver appears to be having his yearly allotted eye ulcer. I don't have the money to fix it really - I wonder if super glue is out of the question? Oh, wait, I'd have to
find the super glue in the carriage house full of boxes which used to be my apartment.

On Saturday, Dad and I went on a little trip to the Cape. I think it's an excuse really, for him to go the Bourne's very thorough dump. He likes it. It's fun. You show-up there with a van busting at it's soldered points with cardboard, catalogs, Styrofoam and more and you leave with nothing. It's very therapeutic, really. And I like a day to myself with Papa Bear.

There's always the car dance, of course. With the dogs. They must come with us. There is one seat in the back for them to share and whatever side Oliver's on, Bootsie MUST be there too. Like, right where YOU are, Oliver! RIGHT THERE! At first, this led to Oliver teetering on the edge of the seat while Bootsie leaned on him in an effort to herd him from his spot because actually, it's her spot, don't you know?

When we made our first stop for a breakfast for the road, I moved the dogs so Oliver was on the side of the seat which abuts the car door. This way, Bootsie could take all the room she wanted and not shove him off the seat. But sure enough, Oliver's view out the window was better than what Bootsie had, so she shoved and shoved until Oliver was smashed-up against the window and finally, he somehow climbed over her to go back to where he started. Of course, he was laying down on the seat at this point and lowering your center of gravity clearly makes shoving you less interesting to Bootsie because she left him alone.

We made a stop at Scott's End, too, just to check on things. The minute we made the turn onto Wing's Neck Trust, Bootsie started to cry. Whimper. With excitement of where we were going. They always know. We opened the van doors and they shot out of the van like it was on fire. Each one in a different direction. They love it there. The room to run and of course, an ocean for Bootsie to jump into a day after she's been groomed. Because really, what's the point of being groomed if you can't completely ruin it with some salty water and sand fleas the very next day?

they played nice on the ride home, too tired to shove each other around.

January Masthead

Just in time for February!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Yummy Milk

I was recently reading old blog entries and am finding myself quite disappointed that I have so seriously fallen off the wagon. If that makes sense. I'm not sure it does - I think I might be misusing that term. I mean that I have not been a very good blogger for a while.

I would make the claim to try and change that, but in truth, I have not been witnessing things that warrant writing lately. It's been a while since I have really.

Here's a cute little blib though; I spent sometime yesterday with my friend Christina, who is a month away from delivering twins (poor woman). When I arrived at their house, her daughter Ava, 2, was very excited to see me which was very flattering. In the past, she's been a bit reticent at my arrival. "You've been great leverage" Christina told me, "If she was being difficult I'd tell her you wouldn't come." Worked like a champ, she said.

Ava sat on my lap and we chatted a bit. I did something silly and she said, "You're a nut case". Sometimes she calls me a nut job, but this time, I was a nut case. A very verbal two year old, this one is.

My favorite came at lunch when she took a big gulp of her milk in it's plastic cup with cartoon characters and a straw and said "Delicious and nutritious!"