Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday, November 23, 2014


This requires no explanation.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Wrong Bathroom

Before dinner tonight at the restaurant with friends tonight, I went to use the restroom. I entered the bathroom, and a handicapped stall was the first one I saw. I used that one. I came out of that stall afterwards and was washing my hands at the sink when someone entered the bathroom. A tall handsome indian guy, about my age. He sort of paused at the door and all of a sudden, lots of math came together in my head; there's a handicapped stall nearby but right around the corner, (where I assumed there were other stalls), is actually a urinal. Looking beyond the guy in the doorway I can see other bathroom's door, on which there was a "W". As in W for women. As in, I was in the mens room. 

"Yup, you're right. I'm wrong. I'm in the mens room... Carry on!" I told the guy as I walked passed him to the exit. He did just that; I glanced back to quickly assess how this mistake had happened and he was already dropping his zipper at the urinal.

So, yeah, that happened tonight.

Monday, November 17, 2014


Poor Miss Harlow has been a bit neglected lately. Between my disappointing lack of love life (and me pouting over it) and my Cydney Scott Photography freelance holiday schedule busying up, she's basically been ignored.

Last Friday I had the yard Alcatrazed (yes, that's a anyway). The section where there was hedges blocked by chicken wire is now fenced and there's a new gate replacing the crappy rickety one. Harlow balked at this and Saturday morning when I went outside to call her in so I could get to a shoot, she was nowhere to be found.
Then I looked down the little walkway next to my carport, she was at the bottom of the path, by the sidewalk, peering at me from behind the carport.

I got out. Now what do I do? is what her face said to me. I went and got her and figured out that she must have simply jumped the carport to get to the path on the opposite side of the carport (which was also on the other side of the gate).

It's complicated and I have no diagram so just trust me, she's sneaky.

The other night I was laying on the couch with my red blanket on me. Harlow is allowed on the couch when this blanket is also on the couch, just to minimize any dirt she might be housing and depositing onto my nice couch. Harlow came over to the couch, sat on the floor right next to me and simply looked up hopefully. Usually I have to pat my lap and invite her, and even coax her to come up (the wonderment of the couch is more than she can process).  This time, I simply said quietly "Do you need a snuggle?"

She jumped straight into the air, landed on top of me and laid right down. No running start, no front legs first then struggle to bring up the back end. Just a full jump.  She made me laugh.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

20 Year Reunion

I'm grown up enough now that I can attend my Class of 1994 twenty year reunion.  It's basically frightening.
I volunteered to set up a photo booth. It wasn't used much but I'm glad I had the camera to get the big group shot.
With Facebook, there's little catching up to do, really, but it was still nice to be face to face with some people. Others? Well, let's just say the people you didn't care for so much in high school don't really change much. Though I'm sure they feel the same about me.

It was interesting how many people knew of my photography. That, and my dog, who apparently has a following on Facebook. Pretty funny. "I love your dog! Keep posting (on FB) about her!" they'd say. As for my job, people always ask. It's one of those rare jobs that results in a product that people can see so it's easier to talk about I think. Someone working IT has an important job, but it's a bit tougher to explain to people. I did a lot of question asking to everyone I talked to. (I was channeling Susan I think).

the Walton School crew

Thursday, November 13, 2014


Here are some shots taken at Libby and Adam's wedding last month. A beautiful affair and wonderful shots.

I met a guy recently who's not around anymore. I liked him more than anyone else I can remember for a long time. That was weird for me. When someone likes me as much as he seemed too, I think two things. I think I deserve this! Finally someone who appreciates me!, but I also think to myself Is this guy insane? He must be insane.

These photos are beautiful, but me? I look at my angular profile and goofy expressions and weak chin and think, yup, the guy I really really like who's not around anymore? Clearly nuts.