Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Yoga and Conversation

I got to the end of my workday and everything hurt, so I came home and decided to do some yoga to try and work out the kinks. I recorded it because I never really do yoga at home and I was interested to see how Harlow would react. Her reaction is of course completely coincidental but silly and shareable anyway!

doga from C.M. Scott on Vimeo.

A clip of Harlow's extensive vocabulary

Harlow and her extensive vocabulary from C.M. Scott on Vimeo.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Now that She's the big 02!

I'm slowly working to wean Harlow off her crate training. I've run many errands and left her loose in the house with no issues over the past few weeks for up to four hours at a time. Today was the first big test; 'Crated her in the morning, and Bonnie, her dog walker, left her loose in the afternoon following her walk til I got home. I arrived home to a house in perfect condition! Well, like I left it at least. Especially impressive considering I forgot to block off the upstairs with the babygate so she had free reign of the house! And she didn't even chew the flip flops I just pulled out this morning - those are her favorite! My big bumbling silly beast is growing up! Sort of.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Birthday Chat

Hey Harlow
Yeah, Mom?
Do you know today might be someone's birthday?
What do you mean by "might be"? 
By "might be" I mean I'm not positive when you were actually born.
What's "born"? And why don't you know?
Born is when you arrive in the world, but you and your brother Blue are rescues, so the vet guessed on your birthday.
Yeah, you were left in a box in someone driveway.
That was rude.
Yeah, it was, but you had Blue to keep you company and someone took good care of you until I found you on the internet.
What's the internet?
The internet is on the compu...we're really getting off topic here, Harlow.
Oh yeah, what was the question?
Do you know who's birthday it might be today?
Wait...I think I know this one...is that what this dumb hat's all about?
Yes, puppy. Happy Birthday!

Monday, May 4, 2015

My Little Kindergartener

This one's for Lauren Mueller who said, I think quite accurately, that if Harlow were human, she'd be a kindergardener who wore her ponytail ever so slightly askew all the time. She'd dress herself and wear tutus that were always caught in the back of her underwear, and, she added, "And when she enters a room it's just a little too loud but always with great excitement". Yhe stories I'd tell about her would start with "Oh you'll never believe what she did". And the people in her life would love her but always be saying "Oh, Harrrrloowwwww." in response to her antics. Sort of like Eloise.

Sunday, May 3, 2015


Finally the sun has come out to play! And we came out too! This weekend was the opening weekend for the SOWA market. It's an outdoor market I discovered last year and brought Harlow to on many occasions. This time, Lauren and Owen came with us and it was a nice time, although extremely crowded!  Everyone was dying to get out now that the snow is gone!

Initially I wasn't going to bring Harlow because she's tough in crowds because she pulls on her leash. But I ended up bringing her, and she endeared herself to many at the market. She's a good girl although she's so nosey/curious that she's rarely not moving. I did noticed she has calmed even from last year's experiences, I can tell. People were constantly petting her and one woman asked if she could take her picture.

Owen looks like he's not so sure about this big beast, at first!

Harlow got comfy immediately of course and Owen didn't seem to mind. 

and they became fast friends

the crowds were the biggest I've ever seen at the market. This is where all the food trucks were. 

Owen wanted to wait in the car with harlow at one point so Lauren and I got these amazing ice cream cookie sandwiches!