Thursday, April 30, 2009

Elephant and a Dog

I was IMing with my friend, Kristen, who was my roommate freshman year back in college at Ohio University. She told me about Eric Hansen, an OU sophomore who recently died after falling out from a fourth story window at our alma mater. I was reading about him and continued to look around on the OU newspaper site, The Post, when I came across a blog entry, leading it's readers to the below embedded video. It was a suggested distraction for students needing a break from studying, but I liked it too...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Friday, April 24, 2009


I love this premise. Hear a neat story HERE.

Go here to hear more -

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Today was a mediocre day. I could have spent it visiting area businesses to pitch my photo services to them. This has been a process long in the making and I have all my ducks in a row now; body of the proposal, masthead and footer, biz cards. Although, I've had the business cards for a little while, it took a bit organize all the rest.
Instead of wandering to area businesses and giving them my sheepish sales pitch, I went on a date. A last ditch effort before my online dating subscription expired. "That's when it happens!" one of my friends when I told them this was the last one for a while. I get a lot of that. "It happens when you aren't looking!" or "You just need to be in the right place." I get those too.
What constitutes "the right place" anyway? Not that I don't appreciate these words of encouragement, because I do, but there is a point when one just becomes speechless and all "I don't know what the fuck the problem is".

The guy I met on a date over the week-end was nice and funny and smart, but we got stuck after about an hour with nothing to say to one another. We people watched in the city square where we got ice cream and silently wondered to ourselves how we could gracefully end this date. It's not like we were in a coffee shop where one of us could say "Well, we better clear a table for the next person!". We were in park. Where there were plenty of other seats in which to sit.

Today, I met a guy for lunch. He was nice and very passionate about teaching which is what he does. I can respect his desire to tell me about it and his zero hesitation to answer any questions I might and did throw at him. But despite the fact that I gave him ample lulls in the conversation to ask me something, all I got was "So, what's your connection to FL?"
If the guy asked me out again, I would probably go. You never know, maybe he was just nervous. But, an interesting thing happened after all the listening and question-asking; even if he had asked me a question, I was tired! I had zero gusto in me to try and tell him about me. If he asked, that is.

I returned home, kind of shrugging to my parents and heading up to my room. My Dad hit the nail on the head when he came into my room to commiserate, "I'm sorry. You're not having a very good year."
While I don't completely agree. Yeah, I agree. But I mean that in the most optimistic, I'm-sure-things-will-get-better-kind of way, of course.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


My friends at the Post have started a new video project called Postcards. Go check it out here , scroll down and select the Green market video (accompanied by the artichoke picture). Watch it all the way through and see if you can catch a familiar face during the "outtakes" at the end.

I'm such a dork.

Snow Nose

SNOW NOSE - Technically called "hypopigmentation" (or snow nose, winter nose) it results from loss of sunlight, and causes the nose to fade to brown in winter; normal colour returns as summer approaches. Snow nose occurs mainly in light-coated breeds; the colour change can become permanent in older dogs. It is not associated with disease.

I took this picture at exactly this time last year. We were still in sunny Florida.

I took these these two pictures below just today. Funky phenomenon, eh?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sneezing Panda

Monday, April 20, 2009

Team Hoyt

When I was in high school I went with my friend Christina into the city to watch her boyfriend run the Boston Marathon. That's the first time I saw Dick and Rick Hoyt. It was awe-inspiring. As this year's marathon approached, I wondered if they'd be participating, eighteen years later. This morning over breakfast, I saw on the news that they were still running it. Not only that, but this year's Boston Marathon was their 1000 athletic event.

And last year, they were inducted into the Triathlete Hall of Fame.

So, if you're having a bad day, watch this. Or rather, if you're bitching about your life watch this. I challenge you to get through it without being moved.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Knot

I recently decided to look into advertising on It's a wedding site which has become the go-to guide for most brides, it seems. A few days ago, in an effort to be a thorough investigator before investing $156.75 a month to be posted on the site, I contacted about six photographers from other areas of the country to get their thoughts. Most of them responded and told me that nearly all of their clients come from their listings. So, I plan to go for it, with hopes of getting some work. If only I could get a hold of the Boston rep.

The other thing I've been doing is trying to get a promotional sheet together to bring to local businesses in hopes of getting them to hire me, shooter extraordinaire, to take pictures in their shops and whatnot.

I thought it might be cool to work for WBUR in some capacity (the local NPR affiliate), but then, I'm guessing lots of people think that would be cool. Just the same, I will be sending along my resume to them sometime soon, too. I say sometime because I am just waiting on a few graphics things to add to these sheets before sending them out.

I went to my orthopedist the other day, three months after breaking my collar bone. Another X-ray was taken and if you ask me, there is zero change in my shoulder from the last time I had it x-rayed a month ago. Thank you, Diabetes. The doctor seemed to be a bit unimpressed too. I found this very discouraging. I really was hoping that he would let me start PT by now, but alas, he has sent me home with some kind of flier with exercises on it. The thing is, if I am scheduled to go to PT, that will be what I do at that time. I won't be distracted by the computer or business ideas or the phone, my dog or the fridge, with whom I have become good friends. I will be dealing with my shoulder. It's much harder to get exercises done at home with some sheet with stick-figures on it. Still, I will give it a shot and make it more of a focus, somehow.

I attempted this morning to dig into a book I got from the library about Photoshop. Photographing architectural spaces for my parents has proven to be pretty tricky. The spaces I'm in are not lit with natural light, and getting the light balanced across the image is a hair-ripping-out-inducing challenge. I attempted the "sandwiching" technique that TJ told me about, but it hasn't been successful. I suspect I'm doing it wrong. The "Photoshop CS for Dummies" isn't really helping. It's a big book and I've discovered that I don't really care much for big books.

I was just thinking yesterday how I miss my school. Ohio University. This longing is always followed quickly with a chuckle of acknowledgement - that I studied my ass off and that part really wasn't so fun.

That hasn't changed. Big books with lots of info still overwhelm me. This book is no different. I opened to to the section most resembling sandwiching and immediately despised it.

I also have what my dad refers to as a "low boiling point". This could not be more true than it is these days. I am sitting at Grump Station waiting for the Patience Express and there is no sign of it anywhere.
I think it may have broken-down in Careerville.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


And this is just funny.

I Needed This

This just made me smile. Even if it is staged...

Monday, April 13, 2009


Slightly creepy decorations my brother and I made through our childhood years. I particularly like the one with the mohawk in the middle.

Lilly avoids Bootsie's incessant licking with the help of her Aunt Mo.


Mom's pretty table

Saturday, April 11, 2009

One-on-One Lesson

I couldn't resist photographing this cutie during my one-on-one photo lesson with his mom, Lindsay, at right, this morning!

Friday, April 10, 2009


My parents have hired me to photograph some of the places they have designed for documentary purposes, but hopefully soon for their company website, Scott&Scott Architecture.

I have photographed interiors many times in Florida while I was still on the newspaper staff. But, somehow, this is different. I think maybe Florida had more light in general, and shooting interiors in a large room where there is little light like the one I attempted the other day is quite challenging. There's a reason why architectural photographers get the big bucks. It's like, wicked hard 'n' stuff.

My friend and colleague, TJ, told me about the "sandwiching" technique, used in Photoshop. The premise is that you shoot one picture with the light in a certain place in the very dark room, then your move the light to light another location in the room and shoot another picture. The camera remains on a tripod the whole time. Then, in Photoshop, you sandwich the two images together and viola, you have a perfectly exposed image.

I tried it out the other day and while I had no issues photographically, I could not get the sandwiching to look right in Photoshop. One of the challenges is that I am getting my lesson online from others who have done it and written about it in their blogs.

Like This Guy.

While I did attempt the effect without the blur, I couldn't seem to get it right. I did use the technique from that website to make a funky filter effect out fo a portrait of Oliver though.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


When Mom, Dad, our house guest Patty and I rode into the driveway in dad's Sweet Pickles van after dinner tonight, there were two rather large bunnies running through the dark across the lawn.

Coming into the house, I got Oliver to let him outside. "Are you taking Oliver out?" my Mom asked. Yes, I told her.
"Well, be careful of the B.U.N.N.Ys" she said as we headed out the side door of the house.
I thought about it a moment and burst out laughing. First at the way she spelled it, second at the fact that she spelled it at all. I don't know that Oliver even knows what a bunny is, let alone realize that at the sound of it's name, he'd been tipped-off. I mean, he might perk-up at the sound of "walk" and "treat". But, "Bunny"? No.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Brought to my attention via Will on Twitter...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Egg Hunts and the Wonders of Facebook

This morning was the WCNA's annual East egg hunt on the common. A small portion of the common is gated-off with tape into three sections. The sections are divided by age and filled with straw. Lots of straw!
Then, at a specific time, the kids are given the go ahead to ransack the area in search of tiny chocolate eggs. Some of the eggs are labeled with a letter. This means you've won a big chocolate bunny. Some of the eggs are labeled with a number and this means you've won a stuffed bunny! It's fun and of course includes the arrival and visit with the Easter bunny who rides in on a fire truck.

While I was wandering around taking pictures, I started photographing a woman and her roughly three year old daughter. The two made a good photo because mom was wearing bunny ears. I was photographing them for a while before I realized I'd graduated with the mother! Thanks to Facebook, I was able to track her down and email her the photo.

Waiting for the onslaught. I love the frog boots and the lower lip.

Chaos reigns

My neighbor and friend, Amy, with her son, Alexander!

Bunny winner!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Print Purchasing

I am excited to announce I have set-up a website where my work can be purchased!
My regular photo/portfolio website,, will connect to the print purchasing site from the "Buy Prints" link at the top. The nice thing about this new site is that I will be able to create password-protected galleries for my clients. So they can log on and see all their photos without sharing them with others.

Check it out here.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's Still My Birthday

So, I woke this morning feeling fine. I am 33 today, and I treated myself for making it thus far, with a chocolate chip muffin. My parents took me out to lunch, (at lunch-time, not right after the muffin) which was very nice, but that day was getting me down. I'm sure you would agree that if you were having your 33rd birthday and were in my scenario, you may be a bit down, too.
Again, it's not that I am ungrateful for the good part of my scenario, but there is the daily drudgery of what can I do next to get work? And, when is my shoulder going to be back to normal? And What if my shoulder doesn't go back to normal? And how come my lame ex-boyfriend has a love-life but I don't?

You know. The usual.

My pediatrician's office called back today and told me they don't have room in their office for photos. I don't really believe them. I believe they are just out to get me. Normally, this would be a small thing, leaving me dusting off my hands and heading into the cyber-trenches for more research, ideas, and networking. Not today though. I dodged the many many (thank you, by the way) phone calls of nice birthday wishes today. I just wasn't in the mood to sound elated at being 33 and not being where I want to be at 33. So, I curled-up in bed, watched some TV, and spooned with my dog.

This evening, my brother, sister-in-law, and neighbors came over and joined me along with Mom and Dad for some Indian food. It was just what the Dr. of Grump ordered and I felt much better, my spirits lifted by the company. Of course, the Meletharbs that followed didn't hurt either.

My facebook Page today...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Doctor Doctor!

Today's marketing effort involved contacting a few doctor's offices to see if they would let me display my work. The hope being that it would send people to my site and possibly bring in clients; portraits, weddings or otherwise.

When I did a search for pediatricians in Wakefield, only one came-up, so I gave them a call. I gave the receptionist my schpeal, and she told me in a very unamused tone, "Well, this is a shared office, so you'll have to contact the other doctor."
"Oh, ok" I said.
"His name's Dr. Cohen and he'll be in tomorrow."
"As in...Sol Cohen?" I asked, intrigued.
"Yes, that's him," she answered, still in monotone.
"He was totally my pediatrician!" I said, astonished. Dr. Cohen had stitched-up my lip 31 years ago when I was centrifugally forced off a Sit-and-Spin in day care. The dude's gotta be pushing ninety at this point. I'm hoping he remembers me. If he doesn't remember me, he's likely to remember my Mom, who brought her blood-curdling screaming two-year-old into his private practice, through a waiting room full of Moms and their children, and pleaded with him to stitch me up because she'd heard he was the best at it and that his work would not leave a scar on the face of her precious little blood spurting kid. It worked, and she was right, because today I couldn't show you where my lip was split if you paid me to tell you.

First E-card of the B-Day!

From the Libby!

April Masthead