Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Carriage House Violins

Check out their new website. It's looking super slick!  I'm proud to have taken about 98% of the images for the site. It's so cool to see them used!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012


It's January and I have not posted lately. Shame on me!  I blame it on Facebook where I can put all my silly little stories on.

Over the weekend I got together with my friend Lauren and we had a great time catching up. She recently got engaged and I loved hearing the story of her proposal, and the fact that it included a trip to NYC to see The Moth Radio hour. While she was there with Greg, the audience was invited to share their stories too. The hostess asked the audience members to write only three lines about "a surprise that changed your life".  Lauren happily obliged and of course was chosen, because her story is quite cool.  Her lines were something like.

"I got pregnant after knowing the father for only three weeks
He reacted by moving to India
Six years later, we are engaged to be married"

It was a great evening and we laughed a lot. Waiting to see the movie My Week With Marylin, I mentioned to her that my boots kept eating my socks. I hate that.
"You know what I call socks that do that?"  she asked.